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                            ~ ~ ~ CLOUD 9 CARES ~ ~ ~
   ...with a stress-free appointment where your therapeutic massage is given as an individualized & tailored therapy treatment that is All About YOU...  =) 
   and, you will be able to relax & enjoy your therapy knowing you will receive it within a peaceful environment, that is without... the ~typical feel of an "assembly-line-service" or the "Spa Noise" you'd experience in any Spa or corporate setting.   

  The CLOUD 9 State of Mind Massage Therapy Studio is where you may appreciate not feeling rushed as you are receiving sincere care from a therapist who Loves to "fix" your issues, and encourages communication
with feedback at all times ensuring your utmost satisfaction with your therapy while taking the necessary time needed to address your tensions... and simultaneously considering your therapy as MEDICAL Massage from a therapist's skillful & experienced touch including carefully balanced techniques with gentle baby steps a space of perfect ambiance, where you'll drift away in...
~ and be on Cloud 9 ... for many, many times.  =)

** Please Note & Appreciate:  
  During your therapeutic massage, your therapist may use only the highest quality creams and oils, and if so, will only use Organic, Paraben FREE cream, & may utilize some special mixture(s) of Pure Essential Oils mixed with a carrier oil like Jojoba, Almond, Coconut, and/or Argan oil.  =)

    CLOUD 9 STATE OF MIND MASSAGE THERAPY was founded in 2000 by Benita Turner.  Always loving therapeutic massage and being recognized as having a special gift of "touch" since childhood, she decided to get her training and certification so she could begin gaining experience as a medical massage therapist and someday own and operate her own practice.  Although she had envisioned travelling out West for extensive training, she was thrilled the day she found out about a really great school that was professionally recognized in Virginia!  Earning her Certification from the Virginia School of Massage based in Charlottesville, Virginia, she received training in a Medical Massage Therapy Program which also included focus on the Myofascial Release Technique, and the Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Modality.  After years of hard work, her vision of creating a detailed massage experience that would heal her client's mind, body, spirit, and soul finally came together, when she was able to afford to own and operate her own business located in Roanoke City, Virginia.

  Benita Turner, BCMT...
* Meets MORE than just the basic local & state licensing requirements/certification...holding the Highest Credentials recognized with Even MORE HOURS of Extensive Training...
MEDICAL Massage Therapist
* BCMT, BOARD Certified Massage Therapist
* LMP, Licensed Massage Practitioner
* Award Winning

     Benita is a member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), and is recognized by the Virginia Board of Nursing.  Also, and most importantly, Benita holds the highest credentials currently being recognized by the Therapeutic Massage Industry as a BOARD CERTIFIED MEDICAL MASSAGE THERAPIST.  These credentials are set by the NCBTMB, the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, who is a governing body over all qualified certified massage therapists, and who verifies each one's experience, credentials, and background checks.   This Board simply enables all clients to know for certain, which certified therapists out there, from state to state, have been motivated to strive to earn the Board's satisfaction as having completed the highest required continuing education requirements which they have set, which includes a passed background check.  For years, Benita had been recognized as a Nationally Certified Medical Massage Therapist, and for her renewal in 2013, she chose to meet the new implemented, and much higher credentials that the Board had recently set as of December 2012, which were required to be completed, in order to become recognized as a Board Certified Massage Therapist =)

    *Basically, these top credentials which are confirmed and verified by the NCBTMB, help ensure clients to have a better understanding and feel more comfortable about who they may be potentially choosing, to pay for & receive their personal therapeutic healing from...  As a client, your options are to be responsible with choosing your own therapy, and to realize what you may receive when you make those decisions after some healthy research, because not all massage therapists out there are the same...  A client should keep in mind, that each therapist out there, has their own style and technique, even if each one was trained in the same course at the same school...  Also, it is very important for you, as a client, to know whether that chosen therapist only has a state's minimum requirement of study for a Basic Certification, ...if your state even has requirements for one to become a Basic Certified therapist, or if the therapist decided to achieve many more hours of thorough training & a Background Check to be recognized at the top, by the NCBTMB, as a Board Certified Massage Therapist.  ;)  ...and then, there are soooo many different modalities that each therapist, may or may not, be certified in, or even perform to your standards for your specific needs. a client, you should also know that it is the law, that ALL therapists post their Certifications for you to visibly be able to see, so that you know for a fact, that the therapist is who she is supposed to be, and she is Certified. ;)
     ** If you want to find a therapist who strives to meet the highest credentials in the Massage Industry, a Board Certified Massage Therapist near you... you are invited to google the Board @, and enter in your... city & state, or your town's zip code.  =)

    ~~~ In Benita's spare time, she enjoys taking care of her immediate family of "4-legged Kids"... her 3 labrador retrievers, and 2 cats.  Reading and extensively researching, she loves to stay up to date on holistic health, nutrition, dermatology, medical conditions, and their treatments or advanced therapies as well.  She also thoroughly enjoys doing Bible study as much as possible, freelance writing, and taking shots with her Canon while being outdoors, hiking, traveling, or... at the beach!!  =)

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