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 ~2009~  &  ~2010~
~~~ Wellness Category ~~~
* MARCH 2009 *
** BEST Massage Therapist **

*1st- Alicia Gibbs
**2nd- Benita Turner, Cloud 9 State of Mind
3rd- Sean Geogenhagen

* MARCH 2009 *
** Massage Therapist **

*1st- Carol Blanding, Certified Advanced Rolfer
**3rd- Benita Turner, Cloud 9 State of Mind

* MARCH 2010 *
** BEST Massage Therapist **

*1st- Lisa Azar
**2nd- Benita Turner, Cloud 9 State of Mind

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~2012~ & ~2013~
2012 & 2013

* MAY  2015 *
**The BEST of Southwest Roanoke County**

** 2nd- Cloud 9 State of Mind


CLOUD 9 Is Very Grateful For Your Votes & Reviews
 as YOU All Very Well Know...
 That We LOVE What We Get To Do... For YOU!
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D Lyon                                                                                                                             February 2015
I have been to many massage therapists in Roanoke. Benita is definitely the best. She will make sure she is giving you the desired strength and is constantly making sure you are happy with the pressure. Even though I am a petite build, I like a deep tissue massage and most therapists must think I will break. Not her...the technique she uses is amazing! She always follows up after to see what she can do differently and she is very professional. Thanks Benita!

*****Benita, is an outstanding massage therapist and has relieved my back and leg problems.

by WAYNE                                                                                         January 27, 2015

Benita Turner is excellent at massage therapy. When I went to her, I had major muscle tension in my shoulders and upper back.  She was able to remove a lot of the tension in the first hour session.  She also gave me exercises to do to help with the tension. She will ask you before the massage if there are any areas that you would like her to focus on. Her salon is calm, relaxing and provides exactly the right environment for helping you relax and let her relieve those tense muscles.
K.S.  Roanoke, VA

 out of 5 stars
  (by Brenda K Fonseca 04/24/2009)
 I am on vacation in Roanoke and wanted to get a massage for the relaxation. I work in a stressful field and have muscle tension issues. I called Cloud 9 State of Mind Massage Therapy and spoke to Benita who was very accommodating in scheduling my appointment. I can say without a doubt Benita's massage is the best I have ever experienced. Her technique and professional approach is outstanding. She takes the time to ask if you have any areas you would like her to specifically work on but addresses all your major muscles. She is very focused and attentive. Her intuitive sense is on target varying the pressure from quite strong to minimal stimulation. She has achieved a studio atmosphere that is calming, relaxing and comfortable. I found her  session to be therapeutic and relaxing. I have already and will continue to recommend Benita and Cloud 9 State of Mind to my friends and family.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!
     January 11, 2009 by Bobby in Roanoke, VA 
All I can say is WOW!!!!! I felt totally taken care of... so much so, I felt like I should be paying much more. Virginia's best kept secret! This place is wonderful. I didn't want to leave. The atmosphere is so relaxing and peaceful. I left feeling very relaxed. It was my first time experiencing deep tissue massage therapy so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was very pleased with my results. I would definitely recommend this service. I had a 60 minute deep tissue massage therapy. It was so wonderful next time I’m going for the 90 or 2 hour massage.

Awesome Therapy

                              July 29, 2008 by Doc Hanson in Roanoke, VA 
Benita Turner gives the best deep-tissue therapeutic massage in Roanoke... maybe in the whole world. She is awesome. She is personable and casual but all business (very professional). If you want fancy "foo-foo" frills and have money to burn, consider a spa; but if you want non-nonsense body work, she is the person to see. I've had what I call "The Benita Treatment" many times. It's fabulous. She'll work with you to find just the right places and pressure. Try her and you'll be hooked. 

Doc Hanson
 Thursday, Jul 31
If you need serious massage therapy and want relaxed, comfortable, no-frills body work, Benita Turner at Cloud 9 is the person to see. You will LOVE this woman. Benita is friendly, casual and down to earth but a total professional who takes her work seriously. She has an amazing talent for finding the trouble spots and applying the right techniques. Trust me, that woman can read a back like a blind person reads Braille. Her hours are flexible and her rates are reasonable. I've had chronic back problems and tried everything (including prescription muscle relaxants). I haven't had any more major back attacks since I started going to see Benita. In my opinion, you can't get a better deep tissue theraputic massage anywhere. She is fabulous!

August 20, 2008 by MB in Salem, VA 
Best massage I ever had!!! She really took the time to find out where I hurt and then concentrated on those areas, always applying enough pressure to do the job and making sure it didn't hurt. I slept like a baby that night!!!

August 21, 2008
Best massage I ever had!!! She took the time to find out where I hurt and then took the time needed on those areas,  She's extremely personable, too. Completely professional. She not only took the time to give the best massage ever but also kept me smiling with light conversation. I'd recommend her to anyone!!!
by Guest 77614

July 28, 2008
 by David Washington
 in Roanoke, VA 
I just had my first therapeutic massage today!! I was blown away. Benita is certainly qualified. You got out all of the knots and relieved tension in places I didn't even know had tension. My favorite part was the feet and arms. It was just so soothing and relaxing. Everything about cloud 9 is tranquil and relaxing. From the music to the lighting. I can't wait to go back and do an 1 hour and a half. I feel so much better. If you have never had a therapeutic massage before go to Benita. You will not be sorry!!

Best Massages I've Ever Had
    July 20, 2008 by Sara in Roanoke, VA 
It's been a few days since Benita worked on me, and I still feel very loosened up, and feel better. Next time, I think I will get a 2 hour session instead of a 1 1/2 hour session ! She is really awesome at getting the knots out of my low back and my shoulders when I go for my appointments. My favorite part of my massages are on my feet and my forehead, and I am usually ticklish, but not when I go to Cloud 9!

April 15, 2009 by Sally Morgan in Roanoke,VA 
Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Benita's Cloud 9 office was so comfortable, and I definately know what a deep tissue massage is suppose to be like after having one from her! I have received a lot of massages from different places around who say they do deep tissue massages and I just did not realize what it was suppose to be like until I went to her Cloud 9 office. I am so glad my friend told me about her! I am a nurse and I am on my feet a lot all day or night when I work. All I can say is that I feel so good right now since I got a 2 hour massage, and I look forward to going back again! I can't wait! I also love the fact that she has very flexible hours because my work shifts can run late sometimes, but she did not mind at all, and said she can accommodate my needs whenever I need a massage because it's her office.

Cloud 9 State Of Mind Massage Therapy
February 04, 2009 by D. Lee Harris in Hickory, NC 
I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a mind altering, relaxing, and rejuvenating massage from Benita. A massage is only as revealing as the therapist is to his or her task. Benita has the calling of being perhaps one of the few great massage therapist of our time.  Benita has the touch and feel that many massage therapist don't truly understand. It cannot be taught and it cannot be learned, it can only be a God given talent. "Precious is the gift, more blessed is the receiver who gives."

5 out of 5 stars (by Gallegar 03/24/2009) 
Called Cloud 9 today.  My call was returned and I had an appointment set up for later that evening.  Very flexible hours.  Rates very competitive.  I will reccomend cloud 9 to others.

 User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
 by Tim
   I have been to at least 20 massage therapists over the years. I have a fairly muscular build and have found it difficult to get a truly effective deep tissue massage. I have found only 2 in the Roanoke area that give an effective deep tissue massage and she is one of them. She is excellent, professional, intuitive, and gives good advice post massage. Definitely ... without a doubt ... among the top 2 massage therapists in the Roanoke area.... and by far the BEST in terms of her flexible schedule and ability to get you in for an appointment.

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